Terms and conditions

Limits on the use of your Taxicard

Lost / Stolen / Damaged Taxicards

If you need a replacement Taxicard because it is lost, stolen or damaged (it does not swipe through the machine in the taxi) you should contact ALG Taxicard on 020 7484 2929.

If ALG Taxicard has a spare photograph of you on file your new card will be posted to you on the same day, or on the next working day at the latest. If there is not a spare photograph, you will be asked to send one in. We cannot issue a new card without a photograph.

Please note that if you choose to travel before you receive your replacement Taxicard you will have to pay the full fare.

Changes of address or other personal details

Please inform ALG TEC Taxicard on 020 7484 2929 or [email protected] if there are any changes to your address, phone number, name or any other personal details.

Note: If you move out of your Borough into another participating London Borough then you will have to reapply to your new Borough. If you move to an area that does not fall within one of the participating London Boroughs you will no longer be eligible for the scheme.