Getting a taxi

Booking a taxi

To make a booking you telephone the contractor on the number you have been given.

What information do I have to give when booking?

When the call is answered please give the following information, if you can:

Travelling Companions

You can travel with up to 4 companions. If you have a wheelchair then there may only be room for 3 companions in the taxi.

Types of bookings

Taxicard bookings are treated in exactly the same way as any other taxi booking. If you ask for a taxi to be provided as soon as possible they will begin their search straight away.

For advanced bookings, even if you have booked a taxi well in advance of your journey, they will not look for a taxi until approximately 15 minutes before your journey. Taxis are not allocated in advance. This is the way all radio controlled taxi circuits deal with advanced bookings.

Note: If they find you a taxi immediately and it is close by it may arrive early - please be ready for this because if the taxi has to wait or you send it away there will be extra costs involved. Sending the taxi away can also cause further delay, as a new taxi will have to be found for you.

We suggest you consider the following when booking your taxi:

If you wish to book a taxi for immediate travel, you should try to book a minimum of 30 minutes before the time you would like to travel.

Extra time should be given for bookings that are important, for example:

However, you should be aware that taxis are not suited to journeys where it is vital that you arrive at your destination at an exact time.

If you require a return journey you may book it when you book the outward journey. Please inform the contractor if you cannot be contacted while you are at the location from where you will make your return journey.

If you make repeat journeys on a daily, weekly or monthly basis these can be booked in advance to save phoning on each occasion.

Availability of Taxis

Every effort will be made to supply you with a taxi but at certain times it may be difficult to find a taxi and it may arrive late. In exceptional circumstances none may be available. This is because the number of available taxis varies continuously throughout the day and when demand is high it may outstrip supply.

For example this can occur:

When no taxi is available - what this means

The contractor may not be able to inform you that they cannot provide a taxi until shortly before the requested arrival time. The operator will try to contact you and ask whether you want them to keep trying to locate a taxi or whether you wish to cancel and make other arrangements.

This is why it is important to always try and tell the operator how you can be contacted if you are not at home.

Wheelchair Users and Assistance

Taxi Ranks

You can pick up Computer Cab or Data Cab taxis from ranks providing you have your Taxicard with you and the taxi has their logo on it. Drivers should accept your Taxicard as long as they are for hire.

At present this service is not available from Dial-a-Cab due to technical problems. The ALG TEC will inform users when rank hailing is available.

Street Hailing

You can hail a Computer Cab or Data Cab taxi in the street provided that the yellow for hire light is on and you look for the vehicles registration, you have your Taxicard with you and the taxi has their logo.

At present this service is not available from Dial-a-Cab due to technical problems The ALG TEC will inform users when street hailing is available.